Big Sheets Embroidery Transfers, In My Room

Article number: P-7577

BIG SHEET Iron-On Embroidery Transfers 
from Sublime Stitching

Pair with the Sublime Embroidery Floss and a White Tea Towel ready for embroidery.

Sublime Stitching iron-on transfers make embroidering easy. Just transfer the design to fabric with a hot iron, and stitch along the lines! The pattern will print again and again (really). You can expect approximately 8 imprints from each design. It all depends on how hot your iron is, and how long and hard you press when transferring the pattern. You can make multiple projects from one pattern, repeat a motif, and really get creative through mixing and matching the patterns.

BIG SHEET includes:

one 11" x 17" sheet of hot-iron transfers
one 11" x 17" sheet of COLOR guides, stitch diagrams, transfer instructions, TIPS and IDEAS!

These patterns can also be imprinted onto wood and card stock for other crafts! Every pack comes with complete instructions for use and an introductory stitch lesson.


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