Stiletto with Wood Handle, Picking Daisies

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Quilter’s Stiletto
Handcrafted for Picking Daisies

Our stilettos (sometimes referred as an awl) have a hardwood handle, and are designed with flat sides so they will not roll off your table.

Stilettos are a great tool for getting your points and seams to line up perfectly. Use the stiletto to hold and guide your fabrics through your sewing machine. The stiletto tip can guide the fabric right under your presser foot. Just be sure to release the fabric right before it is sewn. Stilettos are also helpful for turning appliqué edges, punching holes in fabrics and leather, and more!

Body: Steel
Handle: Hardwood
Measures approximately 6” from handle base to tip


  • Very sharp point - Handle carefully
  • Keep out of reach of children

Made in California for Picking Daisies

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