Kaleidoscope 2021 in Pepper, Fabric Half-Yards

Article number: K-12-PEPPER

Fabric price is per Half-Yard
by Alison Glass for Andover
100% Cotton Woven
Width: 44-45 inches

Kaleidoscope is mostly a group of shot cottons with a couple of chambrays. The fabrics use two different colors of yarn that are woven together to make a new, final color with a lot of depth and interest. The cloth is not too thin or too thick, it is just the right mix of structure and lightness that drapes beautifully for quilting and garment making.

We price our fabric per half-yard, so if you want 1 full yard, change the quantity to 2, etc. The total quantity of yardage you order will arrive as one continuous un-cut piece of fabric.

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