Hardwood Tailor's Clapper, 10" x 3", Picking Daisies

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Tailor’s Hardwood Clapper 10” Long
Handcrafted for Picking Daisies

Clapper measures 10” long, 3” wide, and 1.5” high
The hardwood is sanded and buffed to a perfect softness, and there are routed grooves along each side for finger holds which makes for easy handling. The hardwood is left unfinished to absorb the steam.


A clapper a fabric press that is used to create the flattest crispest seams possible. It works with the heat and steam from your iron. Just iron your seam with plenty of steam, then remove the iron and place the clapper over the seam. Press down firmly as the fabric cools. As you press down on the seam with the clapper, the clapper absorbs the moisture and the pressure sets the seam flat as the fabric cools. Hold for just several seconds and you will have a nice crisp seam.

Material: Hardwood
Made in California for Picking Daisies

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