Drawing Stitches Sampler, Embroidery Sampler

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Drawing Stitches Embroidery Sampler

The newest stitch sampler from Dropcloth Samplers is finally here, and it's got more stitches than any other sampler in the collection.
Introducing the Drawing Stitches Sampler. Inspired by the marks in Rebecca Ringquist’s own sketchbooks, this sampler is packed with no less than 31 different stitches for you to discover, practice, and master. You'll be left with a work of art to hang on your wall and a reference point for future embroidery projects.

Please note:

* For best results, we recommend backing this sampler with a second piece of fabric (cotton or linen) before placing in the embroidery hoop.

This item is not embroidered, but ready to be embroidered by YOU. The pictures show one way to fill in the design, but you can choose whatever colors/threads you like.

* In search of stitch help? Check out Rebecca Ringquist's (the creative force behind Dropcloth Samplers) workshops based on her samplers at Creativebug! Link below.


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