Eleganza Pastels, Perle (Pearl) Cotton, Set of 12 Size 8 from WonderFil

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Perle Cotton Thread Box Set - Pastels

Size #8 - Set of 12
Eleganza by WonderFil

Ideal for wool appliqué, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting and crafts.

Eleganza™ is a gorgeous 8wt, 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread that is double-gassed* and mercerized, resulting in a wonderfully smooth and lustrous surface that allows the thread to glide beautifully through all types of fabrics and fibers while also being low on lint. The thread’s tight twist creates beautifully firm stitches while its surface sheen produces a luxurious finish to embellishment stitchery.

The Pastel collection includes a single 5-gram ball of the following colors: EZ318 Bubble Gum , EZ330 Peach Fuzz , EZ14 Sparkling Rosé , EZ212 Honey Cake , EZ202 Winter Sun , EZ31 Lemongrass , EZ128 Key Lime , EZ700 Winter’s Breath , EZ706 Summer Skies , EZ900 French Lavender , EZ03 Silverware , EZ06 First Snow

* The process of double gassing involves burning off the lint from the thread two times, resulting in a much softer and cleaner finish.

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