09/28, Sat, -CLASS FULL- Free Motion Quilting Class on a Domestic Sewing Machine

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7-hour Workshop
Suitable for Advanced Beginners
Instructor: Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts

Arrival and Set Up Time: 8:45am, Class Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
(7 Hours, which includes 1 hour of break time, so pack a lunch or consider take-out from one of the great restaurants in The Creamery)

Class: Free Motion Quilting on a Domestic Sewing Machine

Before class, familiarize yourself with your sewing machine. You should be able to:
- thread the machine
- change the needle
- thread and change the bobbin
- drop the feed dogs
- adjust thread tension
- adjust foot pressure (not a feature on some sewing machines)
- install a new foot

Supplies needed:
- Sewing Machine (preferably, the one you will continue to use at home)
- Free Motion Quilting Foot for your machine: might be called a Clear View Foot, Open or Closed Toe Foot, Darning Foot... ask us if you have questions!
- notepad or paper, for doodling quilt designs
- pencil (regular HB or softer), or pen (a thin Sharpie works really well)
- six to eight fat quarters (18” x 22”) of dark solid color fabric
- batting (enough to layer between the fat quarters)
- cotton thread in a contrasting color to the fabric
- quilting or other gloves with tacky fingertips

During Class, you will:
- Learn to prepare a sewing machine for free motion quilting
- Learn to make the quilt sandwich and how to quilt without basting or glueing (Dora’s preferred method)
- Learn basic quilting design doodles on paper to familiarize our brain and hands with the flow of the design
- Start to quilt on the machine - address issues about technique, needles, machine speed, thread tension, various darning feet (open toe, closed toe, transparent base or not, stitch regulators. etc.), various machine quilting techniques (free motion quilting, straight line quilting, walking foot, and more)

NOTE: Sign ups are required, though payment at time of class is preferable.
To sign up you can email us or just click here: contact@pickingdaisiesinslo.com

If you prefer to sign up online, just place this product in your cart and check out. For the SHIPPING option, be sure to choose "Free Store Pickup" so that you are not charged for shipping. And please use the “pay at pickup” option because our new check-out system has been charging sales tax in error on some classes.

Photos above are samples of Dora's work, all done on her domestic sewing machine.

About the Instructor: Dora (a.k.a. Orange Dot Quilts) is a graphic designer from Romania who moved to the United States in 2001, where she discovered and fell in love with quilting. She spends her free time creating quilt patterns which we sell in our shop. You can visit her website: OrangeDotQuilts.com

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