01/13/18: Embroidery Class Kit Fee

Article number: CL0113K

Optional Kit Fee
Includes all class supplies needed
for the Hand Embroidery class

You will receive your kit at the beginning of class.

The kit includes:
Embroidery Hoop (5 to 8 inch) - reg. price $2.90
TeaTowel for embroidery - reg. price $4.50
Embroidery Floss (you pick from our supply) - reg. price $6.00
Embroidery Needles - reg. price $2.00
Embroidery Scissors - reg. price $4.00
Embroidery Pattern (you pick from our supply) $5.00
“Three Simple Stitches” Embroidery Guide - reg. price $1.90

Total for items if purchased individually would be $26.30

Purchased together as a kit with a 10% discount it is $23.50 plus tax.

All of the supplies are available at Picking Daisies, and if you wish to purchase an of the above items individually on the day of class, you may do so.

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